Couplings are mechanical elements that allow motion transfer from one drive element (or shaft) to another. We offer thousands of different miniature to medium size couplings, available off-the-shelf, to meet your requirements. We can also produce custom couplings to meet your special application needs. Our patented Fairloc® hub design, available on many of our offerings, allows for fast and easy adjustment during assembly, significantly reducing setup time

Types of Couplings:

Bellows Couplings: Good misalignment capability and excellent torsional rigidity and torque capacity. Available with Fairloc® hub.
Flexible Couplings: Long Series Helical Couplings, Slit Type MSC Flexible Couplings and Slit Type Plastic Couplings. They provide excellent misalignment capability and good vibration damping.
Disc Couplings: Excellent torsional rigidity and torque capacity with good misalignment capability.
Precision Oldham Couplings & Standard Oldham Couplings: Good to excellent misalignment capability. The standard style features different bore combinations and are ease of assembly.
Jaw Couplings: High torque capacity with good vibration damping.
Rigid Shaft Couplings: High torque capacity and torsional rigidity. Available with our Fairloc® hub.
Magnetic Disk Couplings: Good misalignment capability and performance in high temperatures.
Neo-flex Couplings: Provides shaft-to-shaft insulation and torsional vibration isolation. Available with the Fairloc® hub
Precision Shaft Couplings: Made of 303 Stainless Steel. Can be ordered with other bore sizes to fit your specifications.

In addition to couplings, we offer flexible shafts:

Flexible Shafts are used in cases where a solid shaft is impractical, such as when there are obstacles in the way. The flexible shaft can be routed around, over and under the obstacle to fit your design. Off-the-shelf or made to your exact specifications, many combinations of fittings and lengths are available.

Couplings Selector: