Our CrimpFlex™ housings are made of thermoplastic filled with fibreglass classified UL94V-0. They are separated into two product ranges in 1.27mm & 2.54mm pitch and are dedicated to a use with Nicomatic contacts.
They are also compatible with our headers and most of existing market standards (0.635mm).

General features:

  • UL E 125469
  • Application scope: PCB connection, on discrete wire or flat cable, and extension cable
  • Single and double row (2-50 in 2.54mm and 4-100 in 1.27mm)
  • Locking (OJ, OL, OM, 1L, MOJ, MOJR, M4J) or detent style (OD)
  • No polarization or locking (OF, 4F, 7F10, MOF, M4F)
  • High density package in 90° (7F10)
  • Connection to male walled headers (2E, 4E)
  • Extension housings (OP, 1P)
  • Option thru holes to place the latch on the desired side of the FFC