Nicomatic interconnect solution from discrete wire to flat cable is based on a FFC crimped with contacts mounted in a housing in a pitch of 2.54mm on one side and a round wire (AWG 28-22) mounted in a housing on the other. Both are connected together and allow an easy replacement of bulky wire cabling parts and thus save weight. The tulip contact shape allows a compatibility with all market standard pin headers with 0.635mm.

General features:

  • Easy mating from discrete wire to flat cable in a 2.54mm pitch
  • Full compatibility with CrimpFlex™
  • Housings from 2 to 12  ways
  • Weight reduction to -30% vs. round wires
  • Multi-point connection from flex to PCB
  • Recyclable & RoHS tool (P/N 14841) with instruction
  • Male and female crimp contacts provided in bulk or in reel