SDP/SI and QBC offers linear guide products and components that are suitable for automation and guided motion applications. A variety of styles are available off-the-shelf to meet specific load and speed requirements. Customization, individual service and J. I. T. delivery are a few of the services we provide our clients

Linear Motion Systems:

Industrial “V” Guide Systems are assembled from the following components: Guide Wheels, Track, Adapter Bushings, and Guide Wheel Journal Assemblies
• Easy to install and adjust
• Feature self-cleaning design
• Provide smooth and quiet operation
• High load and high speed capacity
• Low cost option available – Economy Series
Low Profile Linear Guide Systems are a great option when space is limited
• Small mounting height and width
• Low friction without lubrication
• Dirt and dust resistant
• Lightweight
• Low-cost alternative to miniature ball bearing systems
Mini-Rail® Linear Guides are self-lubricating, corrosion resistant and dampens vibration.
Rosa Sistemi Rolling Systems consist of Rails, Cages, Recirculating Linear Ball Bearings, Roller Tables, and Frictionless Tables
• Precise movement
• Lack of start-up frictional losses
• High load carrying capacity
• Minimum wear

Ball & Lead Screws:

Power screws are a common means of translating rotary motion into linear motion. There are several different types, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the requirements of the application. Acme lead screws are defined by their thread profile, which is trapezoidal with a thread angle of 29°.

There are two immediate results of this difference in profile. It is much easier to machine, so Acme lead screws are much cheaper than square lead screws or ball screws. The second difference is a much larger area of contact between the screw and the nut. This has both advantages and disadvantages.