Firecomms offers a range of fiber optic products, including:

OptoLock® plugless fiber optic transceivers provide instant termination of bare Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) to significantly quicken and simplify the connection of devices. The design of OptoLock, patented by Firecomms, enables the fiber to be cut and terminated to the exact required length on site for the fastest and simplest field installs.

The LC-terminated fiber optic connector standard, IEC 61754-20, has been expanded by the IEC beyond glass to include additional fibers. Firecomms family of LC transceivers will expand the use of this very popular form factor for use with POF and Plastic Clad Silica (PCS) cables. Because of this common form factor, users now will be able to utilize low-cost cable assemblies for shorter run lengths, while retaining the option for smaller core glass fibers for those extra long runs.

RedLink™ is Firecomms’ answer to fiber optic transceivers compatible with the widely available Versatile Link range of connectors. Commonly used in the industrial control, transportation, medical and machine automation markets, the RedLink range of transceivers are deigned to operate at DC and data rates up to 50 MBd.

Cable Assemblies
Firecomms cable assemblies complete the offering by providing every flexibility in choosing the right cable solution fitting to the requirements of the install. Provided in the offering are all the components to self assemble the cable, or to choose from one of Firecomms’ standard length pre-finished cable assemblies. In special cases we’ll even consider customizing POF or PCS cable assemblies to order.