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-High Current/High Resolution


Resolution set by DIP switches up to 51,200 st/rev*
Current programmable 0.3 to 8.2A*
Advanced bipolar chopper drive
Economic pricing
(* Dependent on drive selected)
M & ND Range Benefits:

Simple and user-friendly
High torque & speed
Very high reliability
Highly efficient
The M & ND Series stepper drives present a range of state-of-the-art, micro stepping drives combining top-of-the-range performance with economic manufacturing methods.

Utilizing an advanced bipolar, constant current chopping technique, the M & ND Series allow greater speed and power to be obtained from the same motor compared with traditional technologies such as L/R drives.
Patented current control technology allows coil currents to be accurately controlled, resulting in drastically reduced current ripple and motor heating.

These drives allow all 3X stepper motors from our smallest 20mm motor to our largest 86mm to be fully exploited in your application.

Drive manuals are available separately on request.

Part No. Output Current Supply Voltage Micro step
Resolution Suitable Motor Type Weight Size Control Signals
A V Kg mm*mm*mm
M542 1.0-4.2 DC(20-50) 2-128, 5-125 28-35-39-42-57-60 0.28 118*75.5*34 pul/dir, cw/ccw single ended, differential
M752 1.8-5.2 DC(20-50) 2-256, 5-200 28-35-39-42-57-60 0.28 119*75.5*34 pul/dir, cw/ccw single ended, differential
ND556 0.5-5.6 DC(18-50) 2-128, 5-125 28-35-39-42-57-60-86 0.28 120*75.5*34 pul/dir, cw/ccw single ended, differential
M880A 2.8-7.8 DC(24-80) 2-256, 5-200 39-42-60-86 0.57 151*97*48 pul/dir, cw/ccw single ended, differential
ND1182 0.7-8.2 AC(70-150) 2-128, 5-125 60-86 1.30 200*137*81 pul/dir, cw/ccw single ended, differential
ND2282 0.45-8.2 AC(80-220) 2-50 60-86 2.00 202*167*63 pul/dir, cw/ccw single ended, differential

DM Range Features:

Software configurable using tuning interface
Programmable resolution to 102,400 st/rev
Powerful 32 bit DSP Controller
Anti-resonance circuitry
DM Range Benefits:

Mid-range instability eliminated
70% audible noise reduction
Low speed ripple smoothing
Low motor heating
The high performance DM Series drives result from the use of new, patented 32-bit DSP control technology. This results in such advanced features as super-low stepping motor noise, anti-resonance, low-speed ripple smoothing and low motor heating.

Each DM Series drive calculates it’s own natural system frequency and applies a damping control algorithm for superior anti-resonance and drastically reduced motor noise.

Motor noise can be dramatically reduced by up to 70% of it’s original value.