Totex is one of the largest lithium Ion battery and charger manufacturers in the U.S. They offer a wide range of custom designed, portable power products for specific many markets and applications such as Medical, Test and Measurement, Military, Heavy Commercial, Diagnostics, high-end recreation, and others. Totex is vertically integrated, including doing its own injection molding and is ISO certified (13485, 9001 and 14001).

OEM Markets – Batter Packs & Chargers

OEM Custom Designed Batteries and Chargers

Totex Manufacturing is dedicated to simplifying your job when designing rechargeable power sources into your portable electronics. By combining over 25 years of rechargeable battery technology experience with state-of-the-art US and China manufacturing facilities, Totex has become synonymous with successful battery and charger solutions.

At Totex, we provide you with complete design and ISO 13485:2003 and 9001:2008 certified manufacturing services. Incorporating engineering, assembly, testing, plastics molding and metal fabrication under one roof, we’re in a unique position to deliverextraordinary service and quality at extremely competitive pricing. And our facilities
in Hong Kong and China let us take advantage of economies of scale from overseas production.

Already have a design? Then take advantage of Totex’s manufacturing expertise for finished production and assembly.

Custom Battery Packs
When existing battery packs won’t fit the needs of a new application, turn to Totex Manufacturing to custom design a battery pack. Our custom power solution will be precisely tailored to your electrical and mechanical application.
– Voltage range from 1.2V to 48V
– Capacities range from 1Wh to 300Wh
– Up to 40A discharge
– Incorporate any Battery Management System
– Multi-level active and passive safety circuitries
– Extreme temperature, rugged and water-proof available
– Soft pack, plastic enclosure and metal housing available
Custom Chargers

Just what you’ll need for your custom battery pack. Totex offers a variety of charger designs for all battery chemistries. Our design and manufacturing capabilities ensure ideal fit and function. We utilize fully integrated micro-controllers with in-house developed software to enable smart charging control. And smart Totex chargers guaranteed peak performance over the life of your battery packs.


Configurations range from internal versions, built into the battery pack, to multi-bay external charging stations. We support all battery chemistries—lead acid to Lithium— and even multi-chemistry chargers to handle all your batteries from a single charging station.










– Defibrillators (AED)
– Infusion Pumps
– Respiratory Devices
– Ventilators – Pre/Post Hospital
– Oxygen Concentrators
– Patient Monitoring
– Pain Treatment/Stimulation
– Medical Lights
– Diagnostic Devices
– Dental Equipment
– Medical Power Tools
– Medical Device Calibration
Survey Equipment
– GPS Survey
– Optical Measurement
– Construction Measurement Equipment
– Communication Positioning
– Rugged Portable Systems
  Measurement Instruments
– Industrial
– Chemical
– Food
– Environmental
  Other Power Markets
– Data Collection
– Portable Printing
– Hand-Held Computing
– Laptop Computers
– Communications
– Lighting

Totex Capablities Run End to End

Our Capabilities Run End-to-End



We combine your requirements with our expertise in choosing the right cell for your application. Your product is developed with extensive knowledge in battery performance and behavior. Continuousin-house, real field condition testing ensures performance.



Consult with Totex about a battery application and you are speaking with knowledgeable professionals. With electrical and mechanical engineers on staff, your power requirements are quickly rendered into a comprehensive and effective plan.



Our global manufacturing meets all quality standards for medical and military applications. From SMT assembly to tooling and injection molding, our flexible production lines in the US andChina accommodate all quantities—from sample to volume.



ISO 13485:2003 and 9001:2008-certified quality systems combined with full function performance testing capabilities allow Totex to meet the highest quality standards. Our process is backed by FMEA and environmental testing covering most IEC and Mil standards.

The Battery Experts

Totex has been in business for 30 years designing and manufacturing batteries and chargers utilizing Li Ion, NiMH and other chemistries. Experience, vertical integration and lean operations afford them the ability to provide complex high quality batteries and chargers at competitive prices.  Experience with many industries make them a wealth of information to customers who are new to batteries and those with their own expertise.

Military Applications

From a technical standpoint there is no difference between a lithium ion battery used in applications such as

surveying and one used in a military application. The difference is in the testing regime and the documentation.

Typical batteries for non-military applications may undergo testing such as UL2054, IEC62133, or IEEE1725, etc.,

while military batteries undergo MIL-STD 810G. Totex is experienced in testing to MIL standards as well as dealing

with FAR and DFAR clauses. Totex is also ITAR registered.

Totex Custom Chargers

Totex has been making custom battery chargers for over 20 years. As they have their own injection molding capability, if its manufacturable, Totex can make whatever design you want. Options include:

Multiple bays, current designs up to 48 bays

  • Multi-Chemistry
  • SMBus compatible
  • Calibration and built-in test functionality
  • Internal or external power supply/adapter
  • Battery recognition methods

Totex’s MultiBAY Chargers

10 bay battery charger - Multiple bay chargersWhen you need to charge more than one battery at a time, turn to Totex for custom multibay, parallel gang chargers.

  • Up to 10 Charge Bays
  • Multi-Chemistry
  • Up to 50W Fast Charging per Bay
  • SM Bus V1.1 Compatible
  • Single Wire and Other Communication Protocols Available

Semi-Custom Chargers

Totex also has a semi-custom line of chargers with one to six bays. Most of the tooling is already in place and the electronics are already designed to pass all compliance testing.  This minimizes NRE and tooling costs.   Even semi-custom chargers are customizable to some extent.

Custom BatteryPacks

Most of the batteries Totex builds are custom designs, meaning the customer owns the tooling and the design. Although they do have a few common “off-the-shelf” designs. Totex has been designing and building rechargeable battery packs since before Li Ion was the dominant chemistry and has a wealth of experience in many industries and applications:

  • 110mWh to 1500Wh
  • 1.2V to 48V
  • Up to 80A discharge
  • Extreme temperature, ruggedized, water proof
  • Passive and active cell balancing
  • Counterfeit protection
  • Shrink-wrapped, plastic, metal enclosures
  • SMBus, I2C, Single Wire, custom