A Universal Joint is a mechanical connection between two rotating shafts that intersect. We offer a wide selection of both metal and plastic universal joints in inch and metric sizes to fit your application.


Stock Drive Products pioneered the concept of combining selected plastic materials with different metals to create products which incorporate both; the result was SUPER-PLAST®. SUPER-PLAST® designs have the following advantages:

  • Inexpensive replacement of metal components, particularly for low torque applications
  • Dampens vibration due to the resiliency of plastics used
  • For drives used in corrosive environments or for chemical processing equipment
  • For drives which have to be electrically insulated
  • For intermittent duty applicationsSuperplast Universal Joints


Standard Universal Joints

Miniature Universal Joints: Single and Double Joint
Telescoping Miniature Universal Joints
Inverted Design Universal Joints:strong Single and Double Joint
Solid or Bored Universal Joints: Single Joint and Double Joint
Telescoping Universal Joints
Molded Universal Joints: Economy Series with or without molded slide extension
SUPERPLAST® Molded Universal Joints: Single or Double Joint, with or without molded slide extension
SUPERPLAST® Molded Universal Joints: Telescoping with brass slide extension

Custom Universal Joints

SDP molded universal joints are available from stock in standard configurations. They can also be manufactured to special requirements:

  • Bores can be molded to accommodate square, “D” shape or hexagonal shafts.
  • Shafts molded into the components themselves
  • Zero backlash or components with built-in backlash
  • Gears, pulleys or other components molded or assembled to couplings or universal joints