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HCT 127 Portable Hand Crimp Tool – Nicomatic

Hand tools are generally intended for occasional use and low volume applications. Our HCT-127 hand crimp tool available in 1.27mm pitch has been made to support our customers in the miniaturization process of their sub-assemblies and equipments.

The main reasons to use a 1.27mm pitch tool are numerous. Here are some of them :

– Printed Electronics & commercial applications used in field portable equipments: the operator can easily transport the tool & the contacts to be crimped

– Membrane switches prototypes & small series: there is no need to invest in a bigger equipment to test new opportunities on the markets or test new own developments

– Flat & secure connections in reduced space (robotics, medical device with vibrations etc.) where retention and electrical conductivity specification need to be far more reliable vs. FFC with Z.I.F. / L.I.F. type of connections

Based on the Crimpflex patent, the tool will allow contact crimping by piercing the conductor in 6 points for mechanical retention by 2 points & electrical continuity by 4 points with the lowest possible contact resistance.

Matching housings exist in latched or non-latched versions.

The HTC-127 packaging also features written instructions & 2D drawings will be available for the contacts & the tool itself from end December 2015

MicroFlex Video – Nicomatic

Microflex jumpers fit to all applications where space & weight savings are critical.
This new solution allows a strong mechanical resistance thanks to jackscrew fixing. All types of high vibration environments: medical equipment, aircraft control units, flight entertainment (IFE systems), eletrical power systems, multi functional display units…

Nicomatic CrimpFlex Flexible Jumper Cables

Hi, I am Shannon Shragie, Product Manager for our Interconnect and our Strategic Supplier Unit at Future Electronics. Today we will be talking about Nicomatic Flexible Jumper Cables. Nicomatic CrimpFlex Jumper Cables combine 2 core competencies into lightweight, flexible, secure terminated cables. The FFC are made of flat copper conductors laminated between two layers of polyester plus adhesive insulation. read more…

MPS Microsystem

Micro Precision Systems (MPS) AG –Custom Solutions in Micro Space

Micro Precision Systems (MPS) has more than 70 years of experience in the field of high-precision micro mechanical systems. MPS (FAULHABER Group) can provide complete, custom solutions and innovative technologies to a diverse range of markets (medical devices, optics, security and consumer products such as watches). Solutions include linear bearings, ball screws and watch bearings

MPS Micro Precision Systems AG

Micro Precision Systems AG specializes in micro bearing technology. Evolved from the Swiss watch making industry MPS specialize in the manufacture of grade 3 micro-balls.

Designatronics Inc

Designatronics Inc

Designatronics manages four brands to develop comprehensive mechanical solutions that optimize value in the global
markets we serve, such as aerospace and defense, automation, robotics and packaging, oil and gas and medical.

Our Mission:
We will deliver the highest quality motion and power controlled products and engineered solutions on time and to the customer’s request.

Our Values:
High quality products, dependability and customer service responsiveness, represents our main company values. We strive to deliver dependable products and engage our customers with helpful engineering services to achieve their goals, on time and to their specifications.

Slip-Ease Mechanical Clutches

Slip-Ease® Clutches Offer An Improved Low Backlash Variant On Its Existing Line Of Multi-plate In-line Slip Clutches

Fairloc ® Integral Fastener

Our Fairloc® Integral Fastener is a clamping device placed right on the hub of timing pulleys, gears, couplings and more. Using set screws to clamp components can sometimes mar or damage your shaft. Fairloc® helps to prevent that because it camps components without the use of set screws. It also allows for quick and easy adjusting and readjusting of components on shafts.

Mechanical Drive Display

SDP/SI engineering team designed and built this mechanical drive display to showcase some ofthe parts that we offer and how they can be used in your project. In the video you can see a Trumotion® Belt and Pulleys, Shaftloc® Pulley, Worm Gears, Miter Gears, Planetary Gear Assembly and a Sprocket and Chain Drive and More. For more information click the link above.

SDP/SI Kinetic GearSculpture

This is a collaborative effort on the part of SDP/SI and artist Andrea Davide. This piece highlights SDP/SI parts in conjunction with motion and color to produce a complicated arrangement of ideas set into motion.


SDP/SI offers many standard and custom couplings. Also available is our Fairloc® Integral Hub fastener on select bellows, neo-flex and other couplings.