Nicomatic crimping presses are dedicated to the manual & pneumatic crimping of male and female contacts in a 1.27mm or 2.54mm pitch. All Nicomatic CrimpFlex™ presses are guaranteed 2 year for parts and labour except for transport and wear parts.
With more than 650 presses used worldwide, our machines are known for their reliability, ruggedness, easy set-up, simplicity of use, speed and precision.

General features:

  • fastest crimping equipment on the market (up to 50 contacts in one stroke and 30 cycles per minute)
  • Easy set up after unpacking
  • 6 versions for 2.54mm pitch: 10025-MO (-MOM, -MOF, -SP), 10500-SA (-SAP)
  • 2 versions for 1.27mm pitch: 16068-MO
  • Changeover of tooling on the same press
  • Press with evolutive tooling (possible to complete after acquisition)
  • Pneumatic: 6bar dry compressed air, no electrical requirement
  • Quality of crimp easy to check, and removable housing