Hand tools are generally intended for occasional use and low volume applications. Our HCT-127 hand crimp tool available in 1.27mm pitch has been made to support our customers in the miniaturization process of their sub-assemblies and equipments.

The main reasons to use a 1.27mm pitch tool are numerous. Here are some of them :

– Printed Electronics & commercial applications used in field portable equipments: the operator can easily transport the tool & the contacts to be crimped

– Membrane switches prototypes & small series: there is no need to invest in a bigger equipment to test new opportunities on the markets or test new own developments

– Flat & secure connections in reduced space (robotics, medical device with vibrations etc.) where retention and electrical conductivity specification need to be far more reliable vs. FFC with Z.I.F. / L.I.F. type of connections

Based on the Crimpflex patent, the tool will allow contact crimping by piercing the conductor in 6 points for mechanical retention by 2 points & electrical continuity by 4 points with the lowest possible contact resistance.

Matching housings exist in latched or non-latched versions.

The HTC-127 packaging also features written instructions & 2D drawings will be available for the contacts & the tool itself from end December 2015